Kenshin OVA 1

At the side of the river, a man drinking sake. He speaks to himself.
"Disease is everywhere, including the era and its people.."
The scene changing to a place where a group of people walking. A little kid carrying top toy smiling to a woman walking next to him.
"Violence increases everyday, regardless of your strength's, the times they are unstoppable"
Scene of that group of people attacked by bandits, slay them without mercy, blood is everywhere. Three girls and the little kid are those who are still alive. Trying to protect the girls, that little kid pick up a sword but then one of the girls pull him and have him into her arms, protect him.
"Please don't," voice of a girl screaming, she got slashed, die.
The bad guy stab his sword to her again, she dies. 
The kid looking at it with horror on his face, as the bad guy preparing to kill him too. But at his back there's noise of people screaming to their death. A man approaching.
"Don't look," says the girl who protect the kid.
"Please this boy," says the other girl who's trying to protect the two but then got slashed, her blood spouts all over the girl who holds the kid's body.
"Shinta, Shinta. So young, you couldn't possibly choose. You will be spared. Find meaning in your life, unlike those who died here today. Shinta, live," whispers the girl to the kid.
The girl pulled by the bad guy as the kid looking at it, can't do anything. He stab the sword through her neck...she falls down.
"Live, Shinta...for me...," she says.
"Who are you?" asks the bad guy.
"No point in introducing myself to the dead," replies the one who just killed all the bad guys.
Then his sword slashed the last bad guy, die. The man approaching the kid.
"Fate brought us here. I've avenged their deaths. No grief or damnation can ever bring back the dead. Be thankful you survived. This is common place," he says as he's cleaning the sword from the blood. Then he goes away, with thoughts on his mind.
"The smell of blood in the air. It's an insult to be killed like dogs or sold as a concubine. This is regrettably common for now and ever. Perhaps, this is how it will remain."

The next day the man is looking for the little boy in the nearest village, but can't find him there. The he's heading to the killing ground, and surprised to see many wooden cross to mark each grave there. The boy is standing there.
"It's no consolation that I was taught Hiten Mitsurugi-Ryu to save anyone at times, but I can be assured the burials of victims. You dug graves for the bandits as well as your parents?" the man asking to the boy.
"These are slave traders. My parents died a year ago of disease. Once they seize living, they're nothing but corpses, regardless of being traders when alive," answer the boy.
"What are those for?" the man pointing at 3 stones arranged in a row.
"Kasumi, Akane, and Sakura. I know them briefly. I had to protect them even if it cost me my life, but they protected me. They asked that I be spared since I am a child.
That's why... They deserve decent stones, but these were all I could find. I can't even offer them flowers."
The man is walking to the stones and pours down the sake from its bottle.
"It's a shame they couldn't enjoy the taste of a good sake. I'm offering them what I can."
"Thank you," says the boy.

“I’m Hiko Seijiro, a swordsman.”
“Even though you couldn’t protect the ones you loved, you were given these three.  Your hands have been entrusted to the dead, but not their lives.  You are forced with their responsibility.  Find the strength in yourself in order to hold your own and protect others.”
“Boy, your name?”
”Not quite appropriate for a warrior.  You shall be known as ‘Kenshin’  (ken=sword, shin=heart in Japanese, kenshin=heart of sword) from now on.”
“You’ll have the finest weapon!”
1864 (Genji Year)
Kyoto, nighttime, three men are walking on the street.
"It's late. Let's get back." says one man.
"I heard you're getting married next month," says the other.
"Are you marrying your childhood friend? You are lucky."
"Thank you. I feel guilty. I shouldn't be so fortunate during these hard times."
"What? It doesn't matter that the world is grave as long as you find happiness."
Scene changing to a peaceful place, the one who's getting married having flashback memories.
"I may return next spring. We'll have to wait. I'll buy a gift on the way home," the man is talking to a lady, his fiancée. The lady nods.
Back at the present day.
"Kyoto Shoshidai, along with Shigekura Jubee... I will deliver Tenchuu (tenchuu=punishment in the name of heaven, a term from Choushuu Ishin Shishi's hitokiri (assassin) to their victims)," say someone's voice.
Those three men got shocked and looking back.
"An assassin?! Can the world possibly change with the swing of a sword?" says one man.
"Stand back!" says the other.
"What's your name?" screams the man to the hitokiri, he's attacking him but got killed in instant. The other man is trying to protect the one who's getting married.
"Stand back, Captain. You won't die now." He's approaching the assassin, got killed easily.
"Mr. Shigekura," says the last man. The assassin is attacking him, he can resist the attack, but got pushed back.
"I can't die. I don't want to die," he says.
"Just give up," says the assassin.

"I can't," he is trying to attack again, but the hitokiri hurt him on his stomach.
"I can't die. I can't die now. I don't want to die. Will I die? I will not die...," he is screaming and running to attack the assassin with strong determination to defend his life. But he is no match with the assassin, the assassin slays him, but he gets a little wound on his left cheek. The assassin is touching his wound.

"I don't want to die. Not just yet. I don't want to," the man falls and he gets vision of his love in his mind.
"To..m..," he is trying to reach a flower near him as it's his love on his sight. But he never get to finish his word because the assassin finish him.
Then the assassin's gang come up.
"Himura, you hurt?" ask a man to the assassin.
"Not at all," answer the assassin.
"I'd never thought anyone could possibly hurt you Himura. Was your opponent exceptional?"
"No," he puts his katana (sword) into the sheath.
"Obstinate. Please watch over everything, Iizuka," says the assassin, Kenshin Himura to the man and he goes away.
"H-hey...," Iizuka is about to after him and he is a bit surprised to see a flower on the dead body. Kenshin put the flower there because he respects and feel pity for the man who had a strong will to stay alive.
At Kohagi House, Himura pour himself with water and he is having a flashback memories when he was little. 
He is trained by his master Hiko Seijiro, at the river with a waterfall.
"Approach me. Faster!" says Hiko and thinking about his student, "He desires strength the most. Pure. Yes, very pure."
Little Himura is trying to attack Hiko, but he failed.
Himura is still cleaning his face and thinking, "Even with the teachings of Hiten Mitsurugi-Ryu... The Mitsurugi sword or the sword wielded for the world to protect the weak," and he's cleaning his wound with a towel, the blood is there on the towel.
Scene changing, at Choushuu Ishin Shishi's secret home base, Kyoto. Four men are talking. The Choushuu Ishin Shishi's leader Katsura Kogoro, Katanai, Kenshin, and Iizuka.
"It's been awhile, someone was able to hurt you?" ask Katsura to Kenshin.
"It was negligence," answer him.
"Who was your opponent?"
"Kyoto Shoshidai (Shogunate from Kyoto), Shigekura Jubee's slave. His name is unfamiliar," replies Iizuka.
"Uh hm," Katsura nods.
"What is it?" asks Kenshin.
"There shall be a meeting in secret. Toshimaru and Miyabe will be there. We'll be deciding what stance we'll take."
"Do you need a guard?" asks Kenshin again.
"No. I was curious to know if you'd join us," says Katsura.
"That would splendid," says Iizuka.
"I'd rather not. I'm a hitokiri, I have no other skills," Kenshin says. "If you don't require me any further, I'll excuse myself," he continues and then goes away.
"Hey wait," Katsura calls him, but Kenshin has already gone.
"Excuse us," Iizuka is aftering him.
"Why the temperament?" says Katanai, "Katsura was just showing his acknowledgement!"
Katsura is feeding the koi fish at the pond nearby as he's remembering a year back when he and Takasugi Shinsaku were watching the recruitment of anti-Shogunate troops that is called Kiheitai at Choushuu. Many men were waiting to show their abilities.

"Kihei-tan?" asks Katsura.
"Yes. This will be quite a fighting force. Surely they'll succeed. They show promise. These are the men about to bring down Bakufu," says Takasugi.
"Perhaps they're better than samurai, but are they capable?"
"You worry to much," replies Takasugi again.
"Next," says a man.
"Are they similar children?" asks Katsura to Takasugi.
"The 'Ki' in Kihei means lineage," answer him.
A little boy step forward to the call and preparing to show his ability. He's facing a rather big wood covered by rope. Then he slices the wood in one move, the wood got sliced into two pieces easily. That boy was Kenshin Himura.
"It may not be that bad," says Takasugi who's watching it.
"Takasugi," says Katsura with full of amazement seeing that.
"What is it? Your eyes are so wide."
"That... He must come to Kyoto."
Scene changing to present day when Kenshin Himura doing his 'job' as a hitokiri. Flashback memories coming into his mind when he decided to use his sword skill and telling that to his master.
"You're not allowed to leave the mountain!" says Hiko to him.
"Master! Many die as we speak! It's time. Time to use Mitsurugi-Ryu to protect others!"
"Idiot! What can you possibly do?! You can't truly change the world alone but with others. To be used politically for your sword... You were not taught Mitsurugi-Ryu technique for that purpose. Don't worry about the world, but your training."
"People suffer. Many are disconsolate. I can not leave them!" says Kenshin.
"Hiten Mitsurugi-Ryu is a strong technique. Compare the hardships -,"
"That's exactly why I must! I must protect the people from hardship! That is Mitsurugi-Ryu's -" says Kenshin but Hiko cut his words.
"The sword is a weapon! Kenjutsu's a killing technique! It can't honestly be described any other way. (Kenshin gasps) You kill to protect. Kill so that others may live, this is Kenjutsu. Just like when I saved you. I killed many, but they were human. During these embroiled times, many struggle to live. What awaits you is killing for justice. In a different situation, Mitsurugi-Ryu would make you a murderer." Hiko saying those as Kenshin listening with eyes wide because he's just found out the truth about his sword skill.
"Well... Given this, I wish to protect the suffering! To protect many... Many lives... With these hands. With that," says Kenshin again.
Master Hiko walking away.
"I no longer care for an idiot such as you! Go leave where you wish."
"Thank you, for everything," Kenshin bends down to show his gratitude to his Master.
"This stupid student chose a path while young, but... his intentions were pure and his path unavoidable," Hiko talking to himself as he's walking away from Kenshin.

Scene changing back to present days, Kenshin walking through Iizuka.
"It bleeds," says Iizuka as he sees the wound on Kenshin's cheek bleeds.
Daytime on the city street, Kenshin is walking.
"It is hot," says a woman's voice.
"It is. It snowed recently."
Himura sees something and then he's hiding. People on the street step aside, let a group of people walking on. It is the Shinshen Gumi gang. One of the gang members senses something and looks around with suspicious.
"What's wrong Saitoh?" asks his young mate.
"I smelled blood," answer him.
"Oh Saitoh! Perhaps you've killed recently," says the young one.
"Gather your thoughts, and then place them into words," says Saitoh to Okita.
"Okay," replies Okita.
Scene changing back to present days, Kenshin walking through Iizuka.
"It bleeds," says Iizuka as he sees the wound on Kenshin's cheek bleeds.
Daytime on the city street, Kenshin is walking.
"It is hot," says a woman's voice.
"It is. It snowed recently."
Himura sees something and then he's hiding. People on the street step aside, let a group of people walking on. It is the Shinshen Gumi gang. One of the gang members senses something and looks around with suspicious.
"What's wrong Saitoh?" asks his young mate.
"I smelled blood," answer him.
"Oh Saitoh! Perhaps you've killed recently," says the young one.
"Gather your thoughts, and then place them into words," says Saitoh to Okita.
"Okay," replies Okita.
After the gang went away, Kenshin gets back to the street, and so does Iizuka.
"Watch as they walk down the street like they're important. Do this," says Iizuka and he's passing a black envelope with names for him to do the Tenchuu.
"That smells good," says Iizuka as he smells something.
"Hakubai-kou (white plum fragrance)," says Kenshin.
"I didn't know you were familiar with such fragrances. Must be that woman."
Both Iizuka and Kenshin looking at across the street to a lady standing there.
"Good," says Iizuka again.
The lady looks back but Kenshin is avoiding the glance.
"Well, later," Iizuka goes away.
Kenshin looking at where the lady stands again but she's already gone. Then he walks on.
Sometime later at a restaurant, Kenshin is there drinking sake. Two women are talking.
"I saw Mibu wolves in the streets. I got scared, so I got off the street."
"They killed Ronin's in town. Scary."

Kenshin is pouring down his sake and looking at the cup, he always tastes bitter of what he's drinking.
And he's having flashback memory with his Master Hiko. Nighttime at the side of a river.
"Nightly sakura of spring, the stars of summer... Autumn full moon, and the snow of winter, that itself makes for good sake. If bitter, it's proof there's something wrong in you," Hiko is drinking the sake, "You'll someday taste sake. When the time comes, let's drink together," says Hiko and he raises the cup.
Back at the restaurant, two men are walking pass Kenshin and talking.
"Don't waste your time on that woman."
"I can't forget her."
Then Kenshin's leaving the restaurant, doing the Tenchuu again. Blood shed. After doing it he meets Iizuka.
"You're incredible," says Iizuka.
"The person isn't given any time to scream," says Iizuka and he's looking at Kenshin and sees the wound bleeds.

"Hey it's doing it again."
Kenshin cleans the blood with his hand.
"I heard a superstition. A malicious sword wound will not heal until the users desire is gone," says Iizuka.
"A maliciously sword wound..."
"I heard it would not disappear."
Scene changing to little Kenshin practicing hard to hit a tree with wooden sword until his hands bruises. Then he washes his hands at a river, it hurts and he remembers his sisters who protected him and he whispers, "Sister."
Back at present day, Kenshin is washing his hands from blood. No matter how hard he washes his hands, he still can smell the blood in his mind.
"Still washing up?" asks Iizuka, "I heard there were problems during the meeting last."
"What happened?"
"Nothing. Katsura and Miyabe argued. Miyabe is planning something in Kyoto with others." says Iizuka.
"What of Katsura?"
"He argued it wasn't time for that now. He was vehement and may have even struck him."
"How nasty."
"Very much so..."
Flashback to when Kenshin had just recruited to join Choushuu Ishin Shishi gang, he's called to meet Katsura, Takasugi was there too.
"I'll come right out and ask. Have you killed? There's nothing pretty about this. It's murder. In order to create a new world, one must tear down the old. It's a repulsive job, but must it be done. You wanted to protect others. I'd like you to use your strength. For the new world, can you kill?" ask Katsura to Kenshin.
Scene of Kenshin Himura's first killing job. After doing it he looks up to the sky. Somebody's calling him.
"Hey you."
Kenshin turns around.
"I'm Iizuka, beholder. First time right? Get a hold of yourself. Some guys faint or lose their appetite and get sick."
"I'm okay. I feel better than expected," Kenshin replies.
"Good. Our adage is 'quick, exact, decisively'. No point is staying. Let's go."
"With my sword... Those victims to it... In this age of possible peace... I will..." Kenshin speaks to himself as he's cleaning blood from his sword.
Scene of two men walking in the rain...got attacked by Kenshin...down in instant.
"...Proceed to heaven... Kill!"
Scene of Kenshin killing many people, blood shed.
Scene of Takasugi talking to Katsura, at Choushuu.
"How is he?" asks Takasugi about Kenshin to Katsura.
"Quite an acquisition for the miscellaneous Kihei-Tai. I'll give him to you since you're interested. On one condition..." says Takasugi.
"Which is..."
"Be sure if you are to raise him as your own. Your days of the sword are over as of now."
"As leader of Choushuu domain's, Ishin and Shishi... I don't really plan on proceeding."
"I promise, Katsura Kogoro no longer exists."
"You will become Mikoshi (holy man) of Choushuu for Bakumatsu. I will take care of the music."
"Perhaps," says Katsura and he's walking out of the room, while Takasugi is playing music on shamisen (string musical instrument).
Scene of Kenshin sitting at his room looking at the stars then taking his childhood toy out of his shirt.
Scene of when Katsura decided to lead the Choushuu warriors.
"Though my body decays on Musashi... My spirit it will live forever with no regrets. Bakufu killed my teacher. But his ideals live on... Kyo! Justice will crush chaos. That's Choushuu... No, my forces!"
In the morning, Kenshin and Katsura were about to leave Choushuu to Kyoto.
"Go. He'll watch over you," says Takasugi to Kenshin. After the two left, Takasugi's coughing badly.
"I won't lay down for the morning," he says.
Present day, Iizuka and Kenshin are walking in the rain with umbrellas, nighttime. That's is right after Kenshin brought Tenchuu.
"Hitokiri Battousai, you're incredible. You're not blood stained at all. Do you wish to drink before returning home?" asks Iizuka.
"No thank you."
"Are you positive? Guess I'll drink alone. Later."
Scene changing to Katsura's place, Katsura is talking to Katanai. His lady Ikomatsu is there too.
"A year has passed. He looks older, and unfamiliar. But pure as before," says Katsura about Kenshin.
"We should be fine," replies Katanai.
"No. He's still pure. He's at conflict with himself. With hitokiri..."

Scene changing to a bar. A woman is drinking sake in one swallow, people there are watching her. Then she's leaving the place, walking with an umbrella in her hand because it is raining. Not far from there, Kenshin is walking home after doing Tenchuu. But he's ambushed by someone. 
"Shinsen Gumi. No, someone from the shadow similar to myself," says Kenshin.
Scene back at Katsura's place.
"Excuse me," Katanai is about to leave.
"Thank you," says Katsura.
"I'll influence Miyabe and the others."
"Perhaps, tell them to be careful of Shinsen Gumi."
"Yes," replies Katanai and he's out of the room, then Ikomatsu closes the door.

"Everything complete?" asks her to Katsura.
"Yes. No politics tonight."
"Anyone wish some more (sake)?"
"No thank you. The sake is sour tonight," says Katsura.
"What's wrong?"
"They want Kyoto aflame."
Scene changing to Kenshin who's fighting the Shinsen Gumi man. While the woman is approaching that place. The Shinsen Gumi man jumps to higher platform, after throwing a chain to chained Kenshin's hands. When the chain grips loosen, Kenshin pulls the chain. The Shinsen Gumi man jumps, and while he does, Kenshin slashes him with his sword through his body. Blood sheds all over the place. Over the smell of the blood Kenshin smells white plum fragrance. He realizes that somebody else is nearby. The woman is standing there, with her clothes and face blood stained.
"You... Remarkably made it rain. Rain of blood," the woman says.
Kenshin loses his grip to his sword.

2: The Stray Cat