Kenshin OVA 3

Kenshin is cutting woods to be made for fire, and every time the blade cutting it, he’s having flash back memories as if he cut down his victims before.  Tomoe coming out of the house.
“Sorry to keep you waiting,” says Tomoe.
“The weather is good today.  It puts me in a good mood,” says Kenshin.
Then the two go walking to a place to pray, then following the lake until it gets to the city, Otsu.  Kenshin bought Tomoe a mirror, and she realizes that he is paying attention to her and knowing that she wants to take care of herself. 

Scene changing, later at night, they’re eating.
“Sorry,” says Tomoe.
“There wasn’t any radish to grate.”
“I don’t mind,” says Kenshin.
“But it just seems like something is missing.”
After finish eating, Tomoe is doing the dishes and Kenshin is playing with his top-toy.
“We’ll make a field,” says Kenshin.
“I don’t know about radishes but we should be able to grow something.  When I was a kid I helped around the house a lot.  It shouldn’t be too hard.”

Late at night Tomoe is writing on her journal, then she’s looking at herself at the mirror Kenshin bought for her.  And as always, Kenshin is sleeping while he’s sitting holding his sword.
Early morning, Kenshin and Tomoe are working in the field.  Somebody’s coming.
“Yo!  You’re in good spirits!” says Iizuka.
At the house, Tomoe is serving tea to the guest.
“Hmm..” says Iizuka.
“What is it?” asks Kenshin.
“No matter how I look at it you two really seem married.”

Tomoe is going away and saying, “I’ll go plant the rest of the vegetables.”
“Did I say something wrong?” asks Iizuka.
"No.  More importantly...” says Kenshin.
“The situation is not good.  After the last anti-Shogun battle there’s been a purging of the gangs and anti-government groups.”
“A purge...”
“The conservative domain leader want to show the government their good face so they’re cutting ties with gangs.  Now there isn’t a night without a suicide (harakiri)...  Well at least we’ve managed to subjugate Choushuu’s pro-Shogun forces.  Either way, both sides are licking their wounds.  But at this rate it won’t end.  There’s a movement to get Takasugi out of prison.  If that happens the cavalry will move.  If that happens, soon there will be fighting.”

“Where’s Katsura?” asks Kenshin.
“After the battle he’s been gone without a trace.  In the domain they’re saying he’s a coward who’s run away.”
“That can’t be.”“That’s the way the world is.  All we can do is wait.  This is your money for now.  It’s from Katanai.  And I’ll leave some things for you.  Tell people you’re making medicine.”
“People won’t be suspicious if you’re running a business,” explains Iizuka.
“There’s no one living around here,” says Kenshin.
“On the way to Otsu there are several villages.  It’s for when you have any affairs while passing through the villages.”
Then Iizuka is about to leave the house.  Tomoe is watching from the field.

“You can get to Kyoto in a day from here.  Don’t go near there.  The Shinsen Gumi and its lookouts are all over the place.  With their numbers even an assassin like you couldn’t handle it.  I’ll come check on you soon,” says Iizuka to Kenshin. 
Then he’s saying to Tomoe, “See you Tomoe.  From today you’re the wife of a medicine seller.”
Nighttime, Kenshin is making medicine.  And Tomoe is arranging flowers.  It’s full moon and Japanese celebrate it by arranging fruits, vegetables, to be placed in front of their houses.  Tomoe is looking at the moon.  Kenshin is coming beside her and looking at the moon as well.
“I’d forgotten about full moons these last few years,” says Kenshin.

“In the evening I saw a sunset.  What is going to happen in the future?  How long are we going to live like this?”   
“For a little while.  I don’t know more than that,” says Kenshin and he’s back on his making medicine.
Tomoe is looking at him and the moon, and she realizes that she’s starting to love him.


In the morning, Kenshin is waiting for Tomoe outside the house, they’re about to go selling medicine.  Tomoe is dressing up and before she’s going outside, she’s looking at her dagger, and having a flashback memory when she left her own house to Kyoto.
“I want to get back before the sun goes down,” says Kenshin from the putside, “Are you ready yet?”
Tomoe awakens and say, “Yes, I’m ready.”
Then she puts her dagger into the drawer.
The two are leaving to sell the medicine.  On the way home after selling.
“He was right.  Merchants aren’t looked at suspiciously,” says Kenshin.
“And the medicine sold better than expected.  I’m glad.”
“You left that dagger,” says Kenshin.

Tomoe gasps, “Yes, I left it.  Right now I’m the wife of a medicine seller.”
“It’s getting cold.  Let’s hurry.”
At the house, Kenshin is drinking sake.
“Tastes good,” he says.
“Does it?” asks Tomoe.
“I haven’t tasted this in awhile.”
Tomoe is joining Kenshin to drink sake, “That’s true,” she says.
Then Kenshin notices something from Tomoe’s face and reaction.
“What’s the matter?” asks Kenshin.
“Nothing.  Please...” Tomoe s pouring sake to Kenshin’s cup.
Later at night Kenshin is sleeping with his sword, and Tomoe is writing on her journal.  After finish writing she puts on a blanket and her coat to cover Kenshin.
Scene changing, rainy day, Kenshin is talking witn Iizuka outside the house.

“Is that so,” says Kenshin.
“Well take it easy.  Or have you grown tired of the boring life of a medicine seller.”
“Not at all.  I didn’t enjoy killing people.  Life here isn’t boring.  It has opened my eyes to various things,” says Kenshin with soften expression on his face.
“That’s good but be careful not to let your skills slip.  Later,” says Iizuka and he adds when he’s rather far from Kenshin, “Be careful.”
After Iizuka left, Kenshin enters the house.
“Sorry, I’m not comfortable with him.  I didn’t even see him off,” says Tomoe.
Scene changing, it’s been 5 months now that Kenshin and Tomoe live together in a hiding place as newly weds.  One day...

“No way.  After all that work...” says Tomoe as she’s observing their plants.
“It’s the continuous rain,  It’s OK.  Half of them are all right.  This is a common thing,” says Kenshin.
“But... but...” says Tomoe, she’s very sad.


Scene of Iizuka running into the forest, and somebody is following him.
At Kenshin and Tomoe’s house, Kenshin is drinking sake.
“You don’t ask do you?” says Tomoe.
“About my personal circumstances.”
“I feel bad towards your father.  Even if we’re doing it to cover our tracks, hiding like this is no different than being a fugitive.  So I don’t think it’s my place to ask about your past,” says Kenshin.
“You are...”
"No, it’s nothing,” says Tomoe.
Late at night Tomoe is going to write on her journal, and she finds a sakura petal inside the journal.  That brings her into memories, back at Tomoe’s house.
“Tomoe, at least take this.  It’s from their parents,” said a lady to Tomoe and she gave Tomoe a dagger.
“Thank you for taking the trouble,” said Tomoe.
“Of course a second son of a middle class family couldn’t take care of Tomoe so he had to go to Kyoto.  At least he showed a lot of caring.  This happened because he joined that patrol group,” said a lady.
“Don’t say those things.  Think of Tomoe’s feeling,” the other lady said.
Tomoe was at a room next to those ladies talking.
“Sister, what’s the matter?” said Enishi, Tomoe’s brother.  He’s approaching Tomoe.

“Answer me.  Sister, what’s happened? Sister!” he held her but Tomoe said nothing but tears falling from her eyes.
Back at present day.  The sakura petal falls, and Tomoe is crying.
“You’re too nice when you’re not killing people,” says Tomoe.
Scene at a temple in a forest.  The one who’s following Iizuka is Katanai.  He’s peeping inside the temple.
“Katsura got away but we still have the group under control.  Soon we can get Himura,” says Iizuka to somebody there.
“He is s traitor after all,” thinks Katanai.
“His color has changed and he’s weakened over the past few months.  Quite a plan you’ve put together,” says Iizuka again.
Then one of those men inside the temple senses there’s somebody watching at them.  He throws an arrow, and it sticks right near where Katanai stands.  He runs away, but then a claw-weapon takes his head, he dies.
“Heh Katanai,” says Iizuka, “It’s time for last step,” he continues.
The other guy there nods.
“Enishi,” calls Iizuka.
A little boy shows up.
“It’s up to you.  When it stops raining it’s time for you.  Yukishiro Enishi,” says Iizuka.
Scene of Tomoe washing clothes at the river near the house.
“Sister!” somebody’s calling her.
“Enishi,” answer Tomoe and she stands up.
“I came sister.”

At the house.
“This is my younger brother Enishi,” says Tomoe introducing the boy to Kenshin.
“Younger brother?”
“Yes, I sent him letters occasionally.  He came to visit.”
“I see,” Kenshin says and he stands up, “I’m sure you have lots to catch up on.  I’ll go check on the fields.”
Ken is walking away and Enishi is watching him with anger on his face.
“You appeared suddenly so I was surprised.  Is father doing well?” asks Tomoe.
“I guess so.”
“How long has it been since you left Edo?”
“About six month.  Soon after you left,” says Enishi.
“Where are you staying?  How did you know this place?” asks Tomoe again.
“Of course I’d know.  I’m your contact.”
Tomoe’s very surprised, she falls the wooden spoon on her hand.
“Finally, be happy sister.  Finally, the time has come to show that bastard heaven’s judgement (tenchuu).  That is your wish, right sister?  That’s why you left all by yourself.  how can you stay in this lonely place with that bastard?”
Tomoe takes Enishi into her arms.
“Go home to Edo alone,” she says to Enishi.
“What are you saying?”
“You are the oldest son of the Yukishiro family, right?  Don’t get involved in this matter.”

“I don’t care about the house.  I want to help my sister.  That’s why...”
“Go home Enishi.  Understood?”
Tears are falling from Enishi’s eyes, but then he struggles and off his sister’s arms.
“What’s the matter?  Why do you protect the bastard?  He’s your enemy.  He stole your happiness.  He’s the one you’re supposed to hate, isn’t he?” Enishi screams in anger.
Tomoe is looking at him with sadness.

Awhile later, Enishi is about to leave.  He and Tomoe go outside the house.
“Give that to father.  Tell him to think of it as me.  Please, understood?” says Tomoe and she gives her umbrella to Enishi.
“Do you understand?”
“I’ve told them where they can reach you,” says Enishi and then suddenly he’s looking at Kenshin with fire in his eyes, “Him.  If only he’d disappear!”
Then Enishi’s leaving as Kenshin is watching from the field.
Scene of Kenshin pulling out radish in the field, daytime.
“We made it before winter,” he says.
“Yes,” answers Tomoe.
“I wasn’t sure we’d be able to harvest them but actually they grow pretty well,” says Kenshin again.
Later at night, the two are eating complete meal they picked from their field.

“Hmm...?” says Kenshin when he realizes Tomoe is looking at him.
“Nothing.  It’s just you eat as if it’s really good,” says Tomoe.
Is that so?”
“Normally you’d be living like this everyday.  Working in the fields and eating what you picked.”
“After coming here I’ve done a lot of introspection.  I thought I was swinging my sword to protect Mitsurugi... to protect the happiness of helpless people but I was only trying to convince myself that this is true.
But I realize all I can do is protect this simple lifestyle.  Now I know personally about happiness.  Living in the country with you I could clearly examine why I fought and why I will fight in future.  You taught me the answer,” says Kenshin.


“May I speak a little too?” asks Tomoe.
“My hometown in Edo.  My father works hard but he’s a nice person. My mother was sickly and she died shortly after giving birth to Enishi.  That’s why I’m a sister and a mother to him.  He’s a sweet little brother.  We weren’t rich but we lived peaceful lives.  I was set to marry a middle class son who was my childhood friend. (Kenshin gasps)  My brother a little upset but otherwise everything was going smoothly.  Before the wedding he went to Kyoto.  He got killed in Kyoto, adn hearing the news I couldn’t stand it so I went to Kyoto and I met you.  That’s what happened.  Sorry.  Sorry, I will...”


Scene changing in the morning, Iizuka is talking to Enishi.
“Enishi.  Tomorrow you can go home to Edo with your sister.”
“You mean once that bastard is gone I can go home with my sister?”
“Yes.  Everything will be over.  All our troubles will pay off,” says Iizuka and he continues talking to himself, “Sorry fool, I can’t afford to lose”.
Scene of Kenshin and Tomoe walking home, early evening and snowing.
“We’ll be there soon,” says kenshin.
“This is it for this year.  The next time we go will be after the snow melts.  If this lifestyle continues until next year.”
Tomoe is very tired she falls down.  Kenshin reachs out his hand to her.
“If you don’t hurry you’ll catch a cold.  I... I will protect you,” says Kenshin.

Tomoe is looking at him, and the words ‘I will protect you’ keep on playing in her mind, taking her to flasback memory.
“He died someplace where I wasn’t and with him disappeared my happiness.  I couldn’t hold onto the happiness that was right in front of me.  It was my fault for not expressing my feelings.  If I’d been brave then... The more I think that the more I have to hate something or someone.  I came on a mission to kill you... And yet you want to protect such a woman,” says Tomoe to herself.
At the house, Tomoe’s so confused and in doubt.  Suddenly she throws herself into Kenshin’s arms and he holds her tight.
“My fiancee was a middle class worker like my father but he was so nice and he worked so hard. 

I always loved that about him.  I was so happy when he chose me.  But all I could do was stare wide eyed at him.  That may be why I couldn’t tell him how happy I was.  Maybe I had no right to be happy,” says Tomoe to herself.
The two are sitting embracing in a blanket near a fireplace.
“You make it rain blood.  That’s what you said when we first met.  You also said that there’s no happiness to be had from killing people.  But I will killl people in the future.  A new time is coming.  I will kill until then, but when that time comes I will stop killing.  I’ll find a way to protect people.  I want to protect the happiness of each person I see and rid myself of my sins.  If I have you I can throw away my sword.  Tomoe,” says Kenshin.


“I will protect your happiness.”
“Yes,” she replies, and for the first time, Tomoe is smiling in happiness.


Early morning, Tomoe has just finished writing on her journal.  Then she’s dressing up and wearing her perfume.  After that she’s looking at Kenshin who’s sleeping in his bed, and for the first time he’s sleeping so tight without holding his sword.
“This person is the one who stole my happiness and gave me another happiness.  Good bye.  Second man to love me.”
Then Tomoe closes the door and leaving the house.

Later Kenshin wakes up and he’s looking for Tomoe.
“Tomoe,” calls him, “Tomoe!”
Kenshin opens the front door, Iizuka is standing there.
“We’ve found the traitor.  It’s Tomoe,” says Iizuka.
Kenshin eyes is wide open
“Her group is across the mountain from here.  Tomoe’s probably there too.  Let’s kill her.”
“No way!” says Kenshin.

“I have proof.  Her journal.”
“Her journal,” says Kenshin and he’s rushing into the room.
“The guy who gave you that scar... Tomoe was supposed to become his wife,” says Iizuka.
Kenshin finds Tomoe’s journal and open it.
“On a street in Kyoto he became a person never to return...” that’s the writings on the journal.  The journal falls from Kenshin’s hands.  His wound bleeds.


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