Kenshin OVA 4

At Kenshin and Tomoe’s hiding place.
“We found the traitor.  It’s Tomoe.  Over the mountain is a temple with her contacts.  Tomoe should be there.  Get rid os her,” says Iizuka.
Scene changing, Tomoe is walking on the way to the temple.  When she’s getting there, Enishi is watching from behind the tree near the temple as she’s about to enter the place.
“Sister...” he says and holding the umbrella from Tomoe.
Tomoe opens the door, and somebody’s expecting her inside.
Scene changing to Kenshin on the way chasing Tomoe, he’s taking Tomoe’s blue shawl with him.  The wound bleeds.  Many thoughts running around in his head, when he killed the patrol men, including Tomoe’s fiancee Kiyosato.  Tomoe’s shawl falls, and he stops walking.  On his sight it turns to be sakura flower on Kiyasato’s blood the other day, then it turns to be Tomoe’s shawl again, and he picks it up.
Scene at Kenshin and Tomoe’s hiding place, Iizuka is still there, he’s smoking.
“Well then... No point in lingering...” he says and stands up, walking to the door, stops for a moment then smiling and waves, “So long, Himura.”

Scene changing back at Kenshin.  Snow falls from a tree and he attacks it with his sword, he’s starting to hallucinating. 
And he’s having flashback memory, nighttime on full moon. 
“How long can we continue this way?” it’s Tomoe’s voice.   
At the temple, Tomoe is talking to the man there, his name is Tatsumi.
“Why did you get Enishi involved?” asks her.
“That kid who was asking around about his sister... Those above brought him.  He is in the same situation as you,” replies Tatsumi.
Tomoe was asking around about who killed her fiancee too that time and then she met this man and his gang.
“Where are the others?” asks Tomoe again.
“Scattered around the mountains.  They are waiting for him.”
Without hearing about my news?”
“News?  Yes, regarding the weakness of the Hitokiri Battousai... We don’t need it anymore.”
“What have I gone through all the trouble for...” says Tomoe.
“That’s right.  No matter how cold a killer he may be, there is not a one who does not want a conversation.  His greatest weakness right now is you. 

He is on his way here now.  Of course, that is to see you. Now that he knows the woman he loves is a traitor, his heart must be in chaos.  He probably in unable to draw from his true inner strength right now.  This is out true goal.  Do you understand now?”
“You knew that from the beginning,” says Tomoe.
“What are you going to do about it?” replies Tatsumi.
Kenshin is still walking.  Someone’s watching him.  He swallows some snow before he’s preparing to attack Kenshin, so that his body’s temperature decreases and his breathing cannot be seen when he exhales.  Then he’s attacking Kenshin from behind.  Kenshin still can defence himself on the first attack, but got wound on his shoulder from that ninja’s secret weapon.  The ninja quickly running away after attacking, and swallowing some snow again.  Kenshin pulls the weapon that sticks on his shoulder, and he’s on his knees in so much pain.
At the temple, Tomoe is trying to draw her dagger in order to reduce numbers of enemies Kenshin is about to face.  But Tatsumi finds out about it and hit Tomoe, takes the dagger from Tomoe’s hand.  Tomoe falls to the floor.

“Foolish of you,” he says, “But you can’t help it.  People’s desires are powerful.  The stronger there are, the more beyond one’s control they become.  Perhaps the gap between love and hate is paper thin.  This is the fate of people.  In the face of fate, anyone is but an infant.”
Tomoe is trying to get up from the floor.
“You knew that much from the beginning,” she says.
Then Tomoe is trying to kill herself by biting her own tongue.  Tatsumi knows it and put his fingers into her mouth to hold her tongue.
“Don’t do it.  It takes much determination to bite off your own tongue.  Even if you killed yourself, what will you gain?” he says.
Scene back at Kenshin.  The ninja is attacking him again with his secret weapon but Kenshin makes it to avoid it.  Then the ninja is attacking with his sword.  But Kenshin can easily slashes him on his chest.  Badly injured, that ninja is trying to get away and pulls a hidden rope that is a trigger to make a bomb explodes.

At the temple, Tatsumi pulls out his fingers off of Tomoe’s mouth.
“If you want to kill yourself, it is your decision.  But have you not forgotten the beginnings, as to why Kiyosato had to die?” he says.
Scene changing to Kenshin who’s injured and got his ears bleed and become deaf because of the sound of the blown up bomb.
Back at the temple, Tatsumi is talking to Tomoe.  She’s sitting on the floor in pain.
“Who was Kiyosato to you?  Wa he not the one you cared for dearly?  At least you were the one that he cared for deeply.  Otherwise, having no confidence in his martial skills, he would not have come out to the capital in the midst of anarchy.  He risked his life to make you happy.”
“I just wanted him near me, just to be near me,” says Tomoe.
“That is the fate of man.  To make his woman happy, he must secure his home, his village, and finally this world of the Tokugawa clan.  There can be no family bliss without a peaceful world.  Thus we have supported the 300 years of the Tokugawa lineage of great peace... 

that even if it were the slightest disturbance, that we would quell it.  That is our fate... We are protecting the happiness of the people, with our very lives.  
All of us men with deep fates... And by virtue of this predestinated fate, we live or die.  It is the fate of men... Thus to protect the Tokugawa lineage, we will defeat him.  He himself is under the sway of fate.  There is no one who doesn’t make a mistake.  Remember the one who you cared deeply... Remember Kiyosato.”
In the mean time Kenshin is attacked by two men.  Holding down one attack using a big axe, Kenshin got pushed to the tree, and the other one attacking him with the slaw on Kenshin’s shoulder.  Then the guy with big axe is attacking him again.
“To..mo..e..” says Kenshin, he covers wound on his shoulder with Tomoe’s shawl. 
“To..mo..e..” says him again.  And the two guys are attacking him together, Kenshin is stabbing the guy with claw on his hand with his wakizashi (short sword), then slicing the other one’s throat with his katana (long sword). 

The one with the claw is running away and pulling a rope to make the bomb explodes.  Ken sees the explosion and that makes his sight blur.
“Tomoe,” he says.


“It has taken six months and many victims.  But all this is understood.  I will assuredly get him.  This is the way to make amends for Kiyosato... Fot feudal government, and for the many who have given their lives... This is the only way that their deaths would not be in vain.  You witness this with your own eyes.  Such would do honor to Kiyosato, who dies trying to protect your happiness.”
“Kiyosato,” says Tomoe.
Outside the temple, Enishi is still standing behind the tree.
Back at Kenshin, he is trying hard to continue walking. 

 With his blur sight, deaf hearing, and injured in the middle of freezing temperature.  Then he falls.  He gets up again and sees his own blood on the snow.  And he’s beginning to hallucinate, that he’s walking in the dark, with flower petals raining, on his dead bodies of his victims.  Words about Tomoe are running aound on his mind.
“Landlady, I need a room.”
“Choushuu-han keep you busy don’t they.  An assassin, now you’re a caretaker.”
“I am not saying she is my woman.”

“No one thinks that... It’s a woman you saved, right?”
“Katsura... You’re OK.”
“Being dead would suit me fine.  Now I have lost everything.”
Scene changing at the temple, Tatsumi is going outside the temple to wait for Kenshin’s arrival, and Tomoe is still inside.
Kenshin is still hallucinating, now that Tomoe is walking behind him, and about they’re hiding place at peaceful mountain village.
“I must go... to Otsu...I must go to Otsu... I must go to Otsu... To Otsu... I must go to Otsu!”

At the temple, Kenshin has finally arrived.  Tomoe opens the door and watching Kenshin approaching the temple, he’s very tired and badly injured.

“Your appearance as I see it is that of a man who has used up all his strength to arrive here.  You might be the Battousai, but fighting with no one to protect is indeed cruel.  You had no one to protect from the beginning anyway, but we do.  In the name of our feudal government, I must now conclude this matter, and at the same time, I will avange my losses.  That would be the one way I can make amends for not being able to protect them,” says Tatsumi.
Tatsumi is attacking Kenshin, and he got hit on his face by Tatsumi’s knucke who’s wearing iron gloves.  With blur sight, deaf hearing, badly injured, tired, and the cold, Battousai can’t attack like he used to be.

Tatsumi can avoid all of his efforts easily. 
Inside the temple Tomoe can’t see the fight, she’s covering her ears and closing her eyes.  But then she’s remembering about Kiyosato, as if he’s there in front of her.  That he died because of Tomoe didn’t prevent him to go to Kyoto.  And she gave up everything to avange his death to the person who killed him at first, but then she fell is love with that person, her supposedly enemy, the one who’s she supposed to hate.  And she realizes that she doesn’t want to loose the one she loves for the second time.

Outside the temple the two are still fighting with the advantage on Tatsumi’s side.  Kenshin got hit, and pushed behind and falls.  Then Tatsumi is taking out Tomoe’s dagger.  Kenshin gets up again and with very strong determination he’s running toward Tatsumi with his katana ready.
“I have killed people to protect the happiness of those who are weak.  But it was because of me that you lost your happiness.  I have stolen that precious thing away from you... In ignorance.  I... have no right to protect you... I... did that to you... I love you...” he says.


Kenshin is swinging his sword but then suddenly he smells Tomoe’s fragrant, the hakubai-kou.  Then he’s beginning to have flashback memory again, as is he’s standing and Tomoe’s coming from behind and covering his eyes with her hands.

“And it sold better than I thought... You ate it so deliciously, that... I just feel tired.  This evening I had a dream of you...”
And when he looks back he can’t find Tomoe there, but instead he sees himself at the graveyard he made when he was little, and one of the wooden cross-shape stick has Tomoe’s blue shawl.
“Tomoe, I have no right to protect... you...”
Kenshin can’t stop his attack, he slashes both Tatsumi and Tomoe who’s jumping in front of 

Tatsumi to protect Kenshin and trying to take the dagger from Tatsumi.
“I don’t understand... women...” says Tatsumi.
Blood sheds on the snow.
“TOMOE!!” Kenshin screams.
Tomoe falls and Kenshin takes her in his arms.  She has the dagger with her.
“T... Tomoe...” says Kenshin.
Then with her last strength she slices the dagger on Kenshin’s left cheek to make cross wound with the wound made by Kiyosato before. 

 Kenshin’s tears with a little bit of his blood falls to Tomoe’s cheek.  By doing that Tomoe has fulfilled her pledge to avange the killer of her fiancée.
“I’m sorry... my love...” she says and the dagger falls, she dies.
Kenshin holds her tight.  And not far from there Enishi is watching from behind the tree.  He’s really shocked and he falls the umbrella.  His eyes are wide open.
“Sister...” he says.

Later, nighttime at Kenshin and Tomoe’s hiding place.  Kenshin brought Tomoe there, changed her blood stained clothes with the clean one, lay her down on the bed, her hair is loosen.  Kenshin is sitting beside the bed.
“Tomoe.  Now that you are gone, I finally understand you pain.  You have endured such feelings all this time.  It must have been awful.  You must hate me.  But you protected me.  A guy like me... You let me live... But you don’t have to suffer anymore... I will bear your pain for you now, and find a path of repentance... I must make amends for you who gave your life to protect me, for those who I have killed... It will be hard, but I think I will be alright.  As long as I can remember what human warmth feels like.  I... I... I must bid farewell to you... But now, with you, Tomoe, for now, we are together...”
Kenshin touches Tomoe’s face and then his cross-wound.  Tears are falling from his eyes.
Scene changing, at someplace in Otsu, awhile ago.
“Boat is leaving!!” somebody’s screaming.
“I better scoot out before they find out,” says Iizuka as he’s walking with a coin in his hand.  Somebody is waiting for him at an alley.

“So now it’s my turn to be examined.  That’s the way of the world, I guess.  Which way will the dice roll... I’ll have to see it out either way,” he says and he’s taking out his sword and getting ready.
Back at the mountain village, the hiding place.  Somebody is coming.
“Himura, I have inspected the events around here.  I’m sorry,” he says.
“Katsura,” says Kenshin.
“I have taken care of the spy.  I have found a skilled swordsman, and he took care of it.”
Scene changing of when the swordsman could easily beat Iizuka.  He fell and looking at the coin.
“It’s new year, and I’m outta luck,” he says.
Katsura was watching to make sure the execution has already done well by the swordsman.
Scene back at Kenshin’s place.
“All assassination has been delegated to the new man... Nonetheless, I must have you to wield the sword even the more now.  Today’s situation is very bad.  The feudal government us continuing its hunt, using the Shinsen Gumi at its forefront.  We must retaliate with sword, or else, we will be destroyed,” says Katsura.

“I see,” Kenshin replies.
“I have asked Tomoe in the past, that she become the sheath to your sword.”
“A sheath?”
“She is your sheath, even now.  I want to believe that.”
“All I can do now is to keep wielding the sword.  I believe that Tomoe desired this of me, thus she protected me.”
“I see.”
“But when the new era arrives...” says Kenshin.
“You will throw away the sword?” asks Katsura.
“I do not know.  But when that time comes, I will never kill anyone again.  Never again.”
Later on, Katsura is walking on the way back to Kyoto.  He’s remembering about when Takasugi said he’s worried that Katsura will destroy Kenshin’s life path.
“Shinsaku, it has become just as you said.  It is my error.  The sword is not for the sake of destroying the old era... It should have been used for protecting the new.  Forgive me, Himura.”
At the hiding place.
“Tomoe... I’m going now...”

Then Kenshin is leaving the house, he brings Tomoe’s shawl and journal.  He left his childhood top-toy and Tomoe’s body there.  He’s burning down the house, and leaving to Kyoto to continue the Choushuu Ishin Shishi movement.
Nighttime at Kyoto.  The Shinsen Gumi patrol is chasing the Ishin Shishi.


“This way.  Hurry up!”
Then someone is coming in front of them from the dark.
“Withdraw!” he says.
“What did you say?” asks one Shinsen Gumi.  And another one put the light on that guy’s face.  He’s the Hitokiri Battousai.
“If you withdraw, I will spare your lives.  If you do not...” says Kenshin.
“Red hair!  Cross scar on the left cheek!” says one of the Shinsen Gumi.
“You are the Hitokiri!” says the other.
Young Okita is approaching Kenshin and his men step aside giving him a way.  He draws his sword and ready to attack the Hitokiri Battousai.  Then they’re fighting but it’s obvious that Okita is no match for the Hitokiri Battousai.  Okita is injured.
“Okita!” a voice says.
“Saitoh,” says Okita.

“I’m sensitive to the smell of blood.  You are not a match for him!” he says, and getting ready to fight Kenshin.
“Let’s go!” Saitoh says and they’re fighting.
On January 3rd 1868 at 17:00 a cannon fire is a sign for the beginning of “Boshin War” that is the last and biggest in Bakumatsu history.  First round of the war isToba Fushimi war.  Shinsen Gumi join the war, and loosing many of their people.  With seriously lung problem, Takasugi Shinsaku leads Choushuu cavallery until they get victory.  The Emperor’s flag stand on Toba and Fushimi territories, marks on the victory of Ishin Shishi to Bakufu lead by Shogun.  The new era arrives. 
Realizes that they have won the war and the new era has arrived, Kenshin Himura decides to disappear.

In Kyoto, there was a man named Hitokiri Battousai.  Like a demon, he slashed men, and with his bloody sword he opened the gates to the new age of the Meiji Era.  As the chaos subsided and came to an end, he vanished from the people’s sight.
Scene of Kenshin’s master Hiko at the graveyard.  He’s looking at the 3 stones there and surprised to see one wooden cross-shape stick there with blue shawl tied on it.  He’s having a flashback memory.
“Kid, what’s your name?”
“Sounds too kind.  It’s not a very intimidating name.  You must name yourself Kenshin (Heart of Sword) from now on.”
“Ken... shin...” 


3: Early Evening In A Mountain Village