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   Claudio Caniggia | About | The Amazing Argentine

Claudio Paul Caniggia, that's the name of the living legend in soccer.  Born on January 9th, 1967 in a small town called Henderson, Argentina, Caniggia looks more like a hard-living rock star than a world-class athlete, with his stringy blond hair and taste for cigarettes.  He's 34 now, but he still has what forwards covet most: the sheer, raw speed to burn past defenders toward the goal.  No one will ever forget his single goal from Maradona's great passing through 3 Brazilian defenders in World Cup 1990 Italy when Argentina played against Brazil in 2nd round, which made Brazil thrown away from the competition.
  And also his goal on semi final against Italy made the host cried out loud and brought Argentina to the final.  His biggest chance to perform and did something for his country in WC 1990 final was stolen by a damn referee who gave him yellow card for doing absolutely nothing wrong in semi final.  Someday you have to pay for that, referee!
He's shining like the most beautiful star when he played in Atalanta and AS Roma, but then got into some troubles, people accused him for using drugs.  This  made him did a come back to his homeland thanks to the legend-no-one-does-it-better
Diego Armando Maradona.  Then his star's shining again in Dundee, which made Rangers, Champions League participant interested and signed this long-blond-haired-cute-smile for next season.  Let's all see his strike!
Some of you younger Argentine soccer fans might blur about this phenomenal guy, so I recommend you to do yourself a favor and find some videos from his performances.  I have some and I'll try to upload them next time.  This man has changed my life forever and I thank him for that.  He's the love of my life, and no one could ever take that from me.

River Plate (Argentina) - 1985-1988
Verona (Italy) - 1988-1989
Atalanta (Italy) - 1989-1992
AS Roma (Italy) - 1992-1994
Benfica (Portugal) - 1994-1995
Boca Juniors (Argentina) - 1995-1999
Atalanta (Italy) - 1999-2000
Dundee FC (Scotland) - 2000-2001
Glasgow Rangers (Scotland) - 2001-...

P.S.  I need helps to find all things on Argentine male soccer team and the players.  If you have anything and you'd like to put it here, please let me know.  Thanks!

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