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Soccer Sites: - great site to find out the score in soccer matches, live!
one stop for all your soccer needs
- Indonesian sport paper's site
fan's page on Argentine soccer team - must visit for all Argentine soccer fans

#Games Sites: - cool site about final fantasy series, this one is the best among the rest - download full motion videos of final fantasy series and also some RPG by SquareSoft
- news, mIRC script, wallpapers of final fantasy series, and free e-mail
- frequently asked questions of games get answered here.  this site owe DALnet #playstation A LOT since Ops there always recommend this site when people came asking when they got stuck on some game. o_O

#Anime Sites:
biggest community on the net where you can find your favorite anime
- wallpapers, wallpapers, and wallpapers

#Music Sites:
silverchair - official silverchair's page, this band deserves to be recognized by all of you!  do yourself a favor and check this one out!
Collective Soul - great music, great lyrics, very very cute guys.. :D

#Bands Photos:
Mr. Big - pictures I took when they played in Indonesia. Check it out!
Nelson - these twin are two wonderful people, please spare a little of your time to check this page I dedicated for them :D
Mike Portnoy - pictures I took when this drummer of Dream Theater played in Surabaya!

#Friends Sites:
Silvana's - my net sister's page, this one's great! trust me! 
- my baybee's page, I just have to put this here to show how much I love him.. ^_^

#Other Stuff Sites: - ass kickin' site where you can find stuff you ever dreamed about for your console (thanks Joey!) - coolest site to send sms around the globe

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